Bald bin ich noch reicher…

Heute ist mir um 19:21 über Skype ein weiteres unglaubliches Angebot reingeflattert. Diesmal sogar von einem General.


Assalam alakum

With warm heart I write you this mail in confidential and in respect of my interest to invest my funds under your care.

I am Gen.Ahmed Yarba Sieda, I have served the Syria Army for 24years. During these years I served under different categories in many government agencies. I was the Assistant Sec. of the General Peoples’ Committee for Petroleum and Natural Resources before the agitation for the removal of leader President Bashar Assad started and the coming of the anti-government coalition forces. In this portfolio I made a lot of money through overdrafts and some minor contracts which I was given by the President Bashar Assad led government..

I intend to buy some properties and invest the rest in other businesses when I reach my retirement age. Unfortunately, my limbs are about to be amputated.

I am writing you this so that you can be of assistance and help me invest this money in your country in real estate or any profitable business of your interest. The said money is US$15 million, plus my spared salaries.This deal is 100% legal, so there is nothing to worry about.

Furthermore, in respect of the investment shall be offered a negotiable percentage endorsed by signatures for future references. All i need is your approval and trust.

Presently, I am in a private hospital in Saudi Arabia recovering from a serious injury I sustained during an air strike raid five kilometers south-east of the Syria capital city. If you are interested you can notify me through my e-mail for more details:


Ich werde also in absehbarer Zeit noch viel reicher sein (ich meine zusätzlich zum Geld von Herrn Ma­kram Azar, das schon in den nächsten Tagen eintreffen sollte).
Ihr lieben DisOrganizer-Leser könnt euch also gleich nochmal eine Wunschliste zusammenstellen und sie hier posten.

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